Department of Japanese Traditional (Kampo) Medicine was established as the third  among the national universities in Japan. The outpatient was established in Department of Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck surgery in April 2011, and became an independent department in January 2015.

For various diseases and symptoms, our department provides “cross-sectional medical care” with other departments and “treatment including acupuncture/moxibustion and diet”. Cross-sectional medical treatment enables us to provide multidisciplinary professional medical treatment. Active introduction of acupuncture and diet improves the therapeutic effect of Kampo medicine.

The main feature of Kampo medicaltreatment is that about 200 kinds of decoction and 148 extracts can be administered with health insurance. We can prescribe not only extract but also crude drugs for decoction in our department. The feature of acupuncture in Japan is that it is less invasive and has experienced skills. We focus on the milder acupuncture treatment called “contact needle technique”. We hold regular study sessions and strive to improve our technique.


We are often asked such question, “Is Kampo medicine really effective?” For our patient, it means “Does it work for me? Can I cure with it?” And for healthcare professionals, « Does it work for this disease in short? Is there any evidence?” Many predecessors have made an effort to answer these two questions, and are still going on. We believe that it is our mission to properly answer these questions, and we are working on medical care and research every day since the environment of “Department of Kampo medicine in university hospital” has favorable conditions for both questions.

You are always welcome if you want to study Kampo medicine. Please contact us by all means!




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